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One nursery takes a far-sighted approach to incorporating ICT into its daily life and learning, as well as its staff assessments. Ruth Thomson reports.

Puppets come in all shapes and sizes and are indispensable in most settings. Early years professionals put their hands up and give their verdicts on the following selection to Sue Hubberstey.

Imagination is the most valuable resource for creating spaces where children love to talk, says Elizabeth Jarman.

There's an Ouch in My Pouch written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Garry Parsons, Puffin (paperback, 5.99)

Learning Through Play: A work-based approach for the early years professional.

The technology workshop can be amply stocked with simple and readily available resources and is an ideal area for adults to work alongside the children, as Jane Drake explains.

Attractive presentations in well-defined spaces will serve to enhance children's creative play. Sue Crook and Betty Farmer explain how.

Is This My Nose? illustrated by Georgie Birkett Red Fox, boardbook £4.99 On each spread there is a question ('Can you find ...?') and answer ('Yes, you can!'), alongside an animal...

Toys for the baby and toddler rooms are tried out by early years professionals who give their verdicts to Sue Hubberstey.

- Molly and the Night Monster by Chris Wormell; Jonathan Cape, 10.99

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