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Nicole Weinstein provides pointers to resources and ideas that make understanding time a fun experience.

Singing belongs in every nursery, says Community Playthings' new resource, What Happens in the Baby Room? Supporting under-2s practitioners

Anne O'Connor offers advice on creating a baby room that promotes physical activity, fosters exploration and supports rest in surroundings with familiar, special adults always at hand.

The home corner should reflect the children's culture and experience. Nicole Weinstein offers suggestions for building up a collection of resources for role play.

The name change from Creative Development to Expressive Arts and Design gives practitioners the chance to rethink how they support creativity within early learning, says Di Chilvers, advisory consultant in early childhood.

Don't forget about the role of physical activity in preparing children to read and write when planning provision for literacy development, both indoors and out, says Anne O'Connor.

Animals, real and mythical, featured in the children's latest visit to the woods, says Caroline Watts, forest school leader, Reflections Nursery & Forest School, Worthing, West Sussex

Self-evaluation schemes have helped the team at Westwood Nursery to transform the quality of provision for babies and toddlers. Photographs at Westwood Nursery, Bath by Bid Jones.

There is an abundance of useful resources to help children understand their physical differences and similarities. Nicole Weinstein selects a few that should stimulate discussion in the setting.

Creating a space for two age groups to share can help staff get more from resources and ease transition for children. Anne O'Connor suggests ways to make the most of an area.