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If the test itself is wrong, children shouldn't be judged as a failure if they fail the test!

Nursery chains are thinking ahead to how they will implement the revised EYFS once it is finalised by the Government. Nicole Weinstein hears their plans

Michael Gove's speech last week was extraordinary in several ways.

The consultation document recommends some positive changes, but there is much that disappoints, says early years consultant Ann Langston in her guide to the consultation document on the statutory framework for the revised EYFS

We guide you through the EYFS consultation document, its questions and the main points of concern

The review of the Early Years Foundation Stage is welcomed by the early years sector - and by Julian Grenier, who sees it as only the beginning of a new dialogue.

It is just as well you are a Nursery World reader: imagine if you had to rely on the rest of the media to inform you about the Early Years Foundation Stage. Following their guidance would be as useful as using Jill Murphy's classic picture book Whatever Next! to build a rocket to reach the moon.

The review of the Early Years Foundation Stage is likely to be welcomed by practitioners

Let's all start thinking about what might be in store after the review of the EYFS

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