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Editor's view - Rethinking the balance

This month's Working Mum column gives a real insight into the continuing problems that parents face in trying to arrange childcare - in this instance, out-of-school provision for her elder daughter who starts reception next term.

To The Point - Fighting for a better future

Over the past few months it has felt as though childcare issues have dominated the political age- nda. As welcome as this has been, the reality is that childcare has always dominated the lives of almost every working parent in this country.

We need a little mutual respect

I remember Sir Michael Wilshaw was furious when the Government dared to criticise his department. Lack of respect for your work degrades your self esteem, leading to poor outcomes, I feel his pain.

To the point - Strive for the best

A recent international study found that UK pre-school provision is among the best in the world (Starting Well, The Economist Intelligence Unit 2012), says Nancy Stewart

To the Point - LA support is vital

On three occasions in recent weeks, in far-flung counties, I have been thrilled to hear practitioners presenting passionately to a group of their peers their own learning journeys, and the impact on the children and families they support.

Scouting skills for life

The Scouts are piloting a scheme for the early years that will see four- and five-year-olds reap the benefits of the movement, says Matt Hyde

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