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Sensory play enables babies and young children to explore the properties of materials through their senses and learn about the world around them. Porridge oats are an ideal material for babies to explore, as they can be bought cheaply and it will not matter if babies put them in their mouths.

Snuggle up with a homemade book to lay firm foundations for reading, says Claire Stevenson.

Parents learned how to take an artist's ideas home for further exploring with their young children, in a project described by Debbie Shepherd.

Learning through play comes into its own when you provide musical experiences and activities for two- to three-year-olds, says Alice Sharp.

Young children can cope with minor stresses and anxieties if they feel secure in their relationship with their carer, as Anne O'Connor explains.

Stimulate babies' sensory and cognitive development with these simple, easily accessible resources, in the third of a series from Claire Stevenson, Donna Luck and Veronica Lawrence.