Schemas and the 2-year-old

Kathryn Ingham
Thursday, October 6, 2016

Course outline

Practitioners working with 2-year-olds will see schemas in their exploratory play and investigations. This course is design to help practitioners go beyond merely schema spotting, where a child is just repeating a set of physical actions.


  • Learn how to support the 2-year-olds development based on their first hand experience
  • Support the two-year-olds pretend play as they become interested in transporting, rotation, envelopment, and enclosures or the containment schema
  • Learn how the two-year-olds represent their actions symbolically and talk about them
  • Plan motivating and challenging experiences that are linked to their schematic interest on how things happen and on making things happen
  • Sharing knowledge of schemas with parents


  • It will encourage practitioners to observe the two-year-olds closely
  • It will help practitioners to understand and make sense of what children have been learning
  • Help practitioner to provide developmental appropriate challenges that links to their developing ideas
  • Provide practitioners with insight into how two-year-olds learn
  • Help practitioners complete the 2-year-old progress check
  • It will support practitioners to plan and extend learning and identify children’s progress
  • It will support practitioners in their work with involving parents in their child’s learning

The Trainer

You can view Stella Louis' biography on her dedicated Associates page.

Speaker/s: Stella Louis

Time: 9.30 - 3.30

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