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Tracy Brabin, the newly appointed shadow early years minister and MP for Batley and Spen, says it's clear change is needed in the sector

It's clear that nurseries and childminders benefit the majority of children, regardless of background,says Professor Edward Melhuish, lead author of the latest SEED research

The 30-hours scheme is heading for failure if problems raised in the pilot evaluation are glossed over instead of tackled, argues Neil Leitch

If Ireland's delayed Affordable Childcare scheme is to become a reality, government must be willing to invest more now and into the future, says Teresa Heeney.

Professor Peter Moss explains why he thinks England's participation in the 'pre-school PISA' is a wrong move.

Those of us on the front line need to be mindful that it's often the families in most need who don't ask for help, says Paul Ringer

With the general election over, Natalie Perera looks at where the Government should go from here.

Michael Pettavel, whose nursery school is in one of the areas piloting the 30 hours, wonders who the funded hours are really for

Ahead of Father's Day, one Dad Jeremy Clarke, leader of E-Learning at Montessori Centre International, reflects on how the Montessori approach has an impact on his own family life.

Is Brexit a threat, a challenge or an opportunity for the future of those nurseries fostering bilingual or plurilingual education in England?