A guide to understanding how young children think and how best to support their developing skills, by Marion Dowling.


Learning & Development: Young Children's Thinking: Part 1 - First thoughts

Understanding the stages young children go through when developing their thinking patterns is crucial when supporting babies and infants from birth to three years, says Marion Dowling. Photographs at Treetops...


Learning & Development: Young Children's Thinking: Part 2 - Trains of thought

In order to think and learn, three- and four-year-olds must believe they can do so. They need support to gain that confidence. Photographs at Trimdon Grange Infant...


Learning & Development: Young Children's Thinking: Part 3 - Full of ideas

Practitioners and teachers play a key role in supporting five- to seven-year-olds to build on the bedrock of thinking skills acquired in the early years.


Learning & Development: Thinking - Part 1: With good reason

Understanding how young children think is crucial to good practice. In the first of a new series, early years consultant Marion Dowling explores why.


Learning & Development: Thinking - Part 2: Deep in thought

Practitioners need to identify and observe young children thinking to give them opportunities to move on further, says early years consultant Marion Dowling.


Learning & Development: Thinking - Part 3: Broaden the mind

When children are exposed to a wide range of thought-provoking experiences and encouraged to make their own decisions, they will take responsibility for their learning....


Learning & Development: Thinking - Part 4: Big ideas

Early years settings need to offer provision that will help sustain young children's thinking by using their own initiative, says Marion Dowling.