Nursery World articles on different aspects of maintaining and developing relationships with the most important people in a child’s life.


EYFS Best Practice: All about ... Supporting vulnerable families

The numbers of settings working with vulnerable twos is on the rise, but what are the challenges faced by these children and their families, and what approaches should the early years sector employ to...


A Unique Child: Inclusion - At a loss

Large numbers of infants are being taken into care due to the repeat pregnancies of their vulnerable mothers. Annette Rawstrone reports on a new scheme designed...


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Family values

An inclusive programme is developing parents’ self-esteem and family relationships by looking at the importance of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Annette Rawstrone...


Positive Relationships: Parents - To the rescue

Many families across the UK are struggling financially, and the situation may be about to get worse – but nurseries are finding ways to offer practical support....


Parents - Growing attachment

Some nurseries are now running parenting classes on attachment. So how should nursery practitioners, who lack clinical experience, broach such an important subject?...


Enabling Environments: Tummy Time - Floor show

The benefits of 'tummy time' are well documented, but many babies spend too little time playing in this way. Andrea Vaughan explains how her setting has been working...


Social media - Getting parents involved

Your online strategy can be incredibly useful for engaging your children's carers. Kate Tyler explains how to go about it


Positive Relationships: Working with parents - We go to the shops...

LGBT people may become parents in a variety of ways, and will face challenges both unique to their situation and in common with other parents. Deborah Price and...


A Unique Child: Vulnerable Children: Part 1 - How do your children grow?

Working with vulnerable children and their families can be demanding, but the right approach will make all the difference to an individual's future. Marion Dowling...


A Unique Child: Vulnerable Children: Part 2 - Within reach

Supporting fragile families and the practitioners who work with them is vital to ensuring the best interests of children are met, writes Marion Dowling in the...


An essential guide to... Refugee families

Immigration will be a key issue in the run up to the General Election, but how do refugees fit into the picture and what is the reality of their situation? Ruth...


EYFS Best Practice: An essential guide to ... Prisoner families

Children with parents in prison have a unique set of challenges to contend with, but the right sort of help targeted at prisoner families can have a positive impact...


Positive Relationships: Working with parents - Being secure

A framework for building parent-child attachments and so child resilience has been developed by a council in Scotland. Jean Campbell explains how it works.


My working life ... family support worker

A family support worker deals with a wide range of issues, but it all starts with helping people become better parents. Gabriella Jozwiak reports.


My Best course - Encouraging dads to read

Most fathers want to play a bigger part in their child's education. Hannah Crown talks to Charles Padie about a reading course that aims to get dads more involved....


Positive Relationships: Behaviour - A meeting of minds

In the second of her series on child behaviour and its links to the new SEND code of practice, Kay Mathieson looks at working with parents.


Positive Relationships: Working with Parents - Extra special

When parents separate, caregivers outside the family can provide essential protection, love and stability to the children affected. Dr Penelope Leach explains...


Positive Relationships: Mental Health - After the joy

Perinatal mental health is inextricably linked with the well-being of the child, so an understanding of potential problems - and how to help - is vital.


Positive Relationships: Working with parents - Young Dads' Council

Nurseries supporting young fathers should look to the Young Dads' Council