What should nurseries and practitioners be doing to protect children from paedophiles? We look at the issues surrounding the Vanessa George abuse case.

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Vanessa George to be freed from prison

Nursery paedophile Vanessa George is to be released from prison after a parole board decided she no longer represents a ‘significant risk’ to the public.


Vanessa George could be freed from prison next year

Nursery paedophile Vanessa George could be released from prison next year if a parole board determines she no longer poses a risk to the public.


Analysis: What action is needed in the light of the Vanessa George nursery sex abuse case?

Leading early years practitioners and experts are calling on the sector to respond with common sense and sensitivity following the allegations of child sexual abuse...


Vanessa George Case Review - Lessons to be learned

All nurseries would be wise to reflect on their policies and practice, as well as the culture within their settings, in light of the review of the Plymouth child...


A Unique Child - Safeguarding - Take precautions

All settings need to audit their safeguarding children policy, say Laura Henry and Catherine Rushforth.


Analysis: Sexual abuse case - Is it time to ban cameras?

Both the public and the nursery sector have been shocked at the Plymouth child sex abuse revelations. What can childcarers do now to reassure parents? Mary Evans...


Positive Relationships: Let's talk about ... Mobile phones

Should staff, and parents, be forbidden to use mobile phones at nursery so the children get their full attention? Melanie Defries asks settings about their policies...