Management Guide: Universal Credit

What is Universal Credit, and how does it work? How does it affect settings, families, and does it need to be reformed? This comprehensive six-part guide by David Finch of the Resolution Foundation gives the lowdown on this new benefit.


Universal Credit: Part 1 - Roll up, Universal Credit

In a new series about Universal Credit, David Finch of the Resolution Foundation explains exactly what the new benefit is, what it replaces and how it compares


Universal Credit: Part 2 - Credit where it’s due

In the second part of this series, David Finch explains how Universal Credit differs from the tax credits system it is replacing, and how families may be affected


Universal Credit: Part 3 - For better or worse?

How will Universal Credit hit self-employed parents, as well as childminders?


Universal Credit: Part 4 - An incentive to work?

Will Universal Credit make parents paying for childcare better or worse off if they increase their hours, asks David Finch at the Resolution Foundation


Universal Credit, part 5: Working Parents

David Finch continues his series on Universal Credit by asking if the reform incentivises those on low earnings to work more hours in order to increase their income


Universal Credit, Part 6: Options for Reforms - Making UC work

David Finch of Resolution Foundation pinpoints how problems with Universal Credit can be resolved so that it can achieve its aims of raising incomes and simplifying the system


Guide to: Universal Credit changes 2018

In the latest Budget, the Government has changed its plans for Universal Credit. Here’s what these announcements mean for you. By the Resolution Foundation’s Laura Gardiner