Two-year-olds: Working with parents - Welcome!

With only a matter of months before the extended two-year-olds scheme comes fully into force in September, what can nurseries do to accommodate the new families? Ruth Thomson offers some guidance.


Two-year-olds: Relationships - Safe and secure

Settling in and building relationships are key challenges for settings involved in the two-year-old programme, and nurseries can find ways to smooth the process,...


Two-year-olds: Planning - Get set

It is essential to put strong processes in place to ensure quality provision for twos, says Vicky Hutchin.


Two-year-olds: Communication - Time to talk

Practitioners should aim to give children the best possible chance for meaningful communication and language learning, advises Kay Mathieson.


Two-year-olds: Enabling Environments - My space

Understanding both physical and psychological environments is key when creating areas for two-year-olds. Julia Manning-Morton explains how settings' management of...


Two-year-olds: Child Behaviour - Tune in

Mindful carers are needed to ensure that children with different needs get the right amount of stimulation. Anne O'Connor explains.


Two-year-olds: Mealtimes - Let's do lunch!

The benefits of lunchtimes go far beyond simple nutrition - so it makes sense to offer them to funded twos, argues senior LEYF associate Sue Chambers.


Two-year-olds: Building links - Reach out

Integrated working is sure to be important to the success of the two-year-old funded programme. Ruth Thomson considers some of the children's centres and local authorities...