Management Guide: 30 hours pilots

Pilots for the Government’s 30 funded hours childcare scheme started in September 2016. Looking at each of the pilot councils in turn, what can we learn from the different approaches? Charlotte Goddard reports.


30 Hours, Part 1: Hertfordshire - Free to work

In the first of a series looking at how the Government’s 30 hours offer of free childcare is being piloted, Charlotte Goddard explores a scheme that has places reserved for unemployed parents. Plus, James...


30 Hours, Part 2: Swindon - Flexible friends

Charlotte Goddard finds out how the 30-hour pilot in Swindon is being extended to offer flexible childcare to shift-workers


30 Hours, Part 3: Staffordshire - Reaching out

Pilot area Staffordshire is liaising with local employers to find parents eligible for the funded hours, reports Charlotte Goddard


30 Hours, Part 4: Northumberland - Help out there

In the country’s least densely populated county, Northumberland, the council is using the 30 hours trial to find out how to cater for geographically isolated families. Charlotte Goddard...


30 Hours, Part 5: York - Collective action

York’s pilot was hit when providers refused to take part. What is happening now the rate has been raised, asks Charlotte Goddard, while James Hempsall gives his take on the pilot


30 Hours, Part 6: Portsmouth pilot

Although concerns remain, some settings in Portsmouth report success so far with the 30 hours trial, writes Charlotte Goddard, while James Hempsall gives his take


30 Hours, Part 7: Working in Wigan

Parents in Wigan have been encouraged to get a job or take on more work because of the 30 hours, finds Charlotte Goddard


30 Hours, Part 8: Newham - Full to bursting

How are settings in the pilot area of Newham in London coping with the 30 hours entitlement? Charlotte Goddard reports


30 Hours, Part 9: Tower Hamlets - Reaching out

Tower Hamlets, which has extremely high levels of deprivation, has one of the highest Government hourly rates for 30 hours. How is the area spending it? Joanne Parkes reports, while...


30 Hours, Part 10: Dorset - Gremlins in Dorset

Technology has been something of an issue for the 30 hours system right from the start, as revealed by a trial of the online service in one county, finds Charlotte Goddard


30 Hours, Part 11: North Yorkshire and Leicestershire - Well prepared

In the final part of this series,Charlotte Goddard visits the two remaining pilot areas and finds examples of best practice in communication – as well as the usual concerns about funding,...