This 12-part series by Penny Tassoni, renowned early years expert, author and trainer, offers invaluable advice on all aspects of learning, development and behaviour of two-year-old children.


Learning & Development: Two-Year-Olds: Part 1 - Settling in

In our new series on caring for two-year-olds, Penny Tassoni offers advice on helping children adjust to being separated from their parents.


Learning & Development: Two-Year-Olds - Part 2 - Side by side

Growing interest in each other will affect the social development of two-year-olds. Penny Tassoni suggests ways of supporting them in interacting socially


Learning & Development: Two-Year-Olds: Part 3 - Can do!

When two-year-olds begin to show signs of greater independence, how and when adults intervene is crucially important, says Penny Tassoni.


Learning & Development: Two-year-olds: Part 4 - On impulse

The tantrums, biting and defiant behaviour often associated with this age group can be managed when you understand the reasons behind it, says Penny Tassoni.


Learning & Development: Two-Year-Olds: Part 5 - Again and again

Make sure that your setting is offering sufficient opportunities and resources to provide for the common play patterns and schemas of two-year-old children, advises...


Learning & Development: Two-year-olds: part 6 - In the fast lane

The development of gross motor skills manifests itself in many forms, but how can we best support children's physical learning? Early years consultant Penny Tassoni...


Learning & Development: Two-year-olds: Part 7 - Helping hands

An understanding of fine motor skills and how they affect children's development can help you to provide the best type of resources and support. Penny Tassoni offers...


Learning & Development: Two-year-olds: part 8 - At the ready

Getting children to make the move out of nappies is not always simple, but having a full understanding of the possible barriers can help smooth the process. Penny...


Learning & Development: Two-year-olds: Part 9 - Sounds good

Language opens doors in terms of development and helps children work out the world around them. Penny Tassoni looks at how settings can best support two-year-olds...


Learning & Development: Two-Year-Olds: Part 10 - Listen up!

How can we support listening and understanding in two-year-olds? Penny Tassoni looks at the challenges and offers some solutions.


Learning & Development: Two-year-olds: Part 11- So to speak

Almost every early years setting has children who speak languages other than English at home. But what approaches can practitioners use to best support multilingual...


Learning & Development: Two-Year-Olds: Part 12 - Natural links

How can practitioners work within the Prime areas while also introducing children to the Specific areas of development? Penny Tassoni considers how the different...