Read the views of fans and critics of synthetic phonics as the Government insists on its rigorous use for teaching young children to read.

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Synthetic phonics 'damages' children's love of reading

The education secretary’s insistence that children should be taught to read using synthetic phonics is almost ‘a form of abuse’, a leading academic claims.


More six-year-olds pass the phonics reading check

Teaching unions have renewed calls for a ban on the phonics reading test, following the publication of the provisional results of this year's check.


Phonics check branded 'a waste of money'

The largest teaching union has slammed the phonics reading check for six-year-olds as a 'waste of money', after Government research found that the majority of teachers...


Teachers call for end to 'pointless' reading check for six-year-olds

More than eight in ten Year 1 teachers in primary schools believe that the phonics check for six-year-olds should be scrapped, according to a survey by teaching...


Learning & Development: Put phonics in its place

Phonics is only one essential element in teaching children to read and write, says early years trainer and consultant Anna Lucas


Analysis: What does 'ready for school' mean?

A new emphasis on formal educational attainment rather than social and communication skills could be a backward step, as Mary Evans hears.


Learning & Development: Writing - Follow their lead

Early years practitioners were amazed at the success of boys' writing projects that started from their observations. Julie Cigman reports.


Learning & Development: Reading - Willing and able?

'The earlier the better' when applied to young children learning to read is an orthodoxy that needs to be challenged, says Dr Sebastian Suggate.


EYFS best practice: All about ... Linguistic Phonics

All educators should take note of an early literacy system now used in Northern Ireland. Wendy Scott and Janet Moyles spent two days in Belfast observing this new...


Analysis: Select Committee Curriculum report - Don't destroy good early years practice

Evidence is growing that the early learning goals for literacy do not support a play-based ethos and are too stressful for under-fives. But will the Government listen?...



To the Point - Do you read me?

I often get into heated discussions with people about reading. I find that one of the reasons for the heat is that, as we get deep into the discussion, I discover that we are using the word 'read' in different ways.