Advice, information and ideas for supporting boys to become confident and competent learners.


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Come out to play

Boys were encouraged to discover new ways to play, learn and practise independence outdoors in a project described by Julie Mountain.


Learning & Development: Expressive Arts and Design - Top marks

An inspiring male role model, in the form of artist Fabric Lenny, has been encouraging creative mark-making alongside improved communication and collaboration. Helen...


Enabling Environments: Role play - Home sweet home

If boys use the home corner less than girls, it may be wise to broaden your resources, says Anne O'Connor.


Learning & Development: Writing - Follow their lead

Early years practitioners were amazed at the success of boys' writing projects that started from their observations. Julie Cigman reports.


A Unique Child: Wrestling - Roll with it

Young boys seem to have a natural urge to wrestle with each other, so what stance should childcarers take? asks Annette Rawstrone.


Learning & Development: Small-world play - It's fantastic!

Play with small, fantasy figurines is an ideal way to address language impoverishment and help to meet the aims of the 'Every Child a Talker' project, says Michael...


Learning & Development: Writing - Marking time

Young children are helped to become confident writers in a project described by Michael Jones.


A Unique Child: Practice in pictures - Block Play

Block play allows a child to mix creativity with mathematical problem-solving, says Anne O'Connor.


Talk back

Do boys need different language learning opportunities from girls? Opal Dunn explains why they do and what activities you can offer


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - In their element

Girls consistently achieve better than the boys, but research suggests that the way to male attainment is to send them outdoors, says Sarah Ghahremani.


Positive relationships: Let's talk about ... Boys

Should boys and girls be treated differently in the early years? Annette Rawstrone spoke to a group of nursery school practitioners.


Our bright idea - Block play

Share the benefits of block play with parents, as this nursery showed Jean Evans.


Positive Relationships: Working with parents - Winning ways

The Parents as Partners in Early Learning project in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets concentrated on boys' development. Lesley Staggs describes the team's achievement....