Practice Guide: Supporting…

Case studies of individual children with different needs and the inclusive practice of the early years settings that care for them.


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting… Stefan

An award-winning setting in Leicester is helping a boy, and his mother, cope with his rare genetic disorder, reports Charlotte Goddard


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting… William

At one nursery and school in Cheshire, Charlotte Goddard finds out how a boy with epilepsy is supported to join in with activities safely


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting… Alfie

How one mainstream setting has adapted to care for a boy with cerebral palsy, with rewarding results for all parties. By Hannah McCormack


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting…Zack

A specialist nursery’s inclusive approach to supporting and enabling a three-year-old boy with a rare genetic mutation in the KCNQ2 gene


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting... Abigail and Isobel

One setting's inclusive approach to caring for twins with Down syndrome has benefited both the girls and their peers. Marianne Sargent reports


Children with Medical Needs: Supporting ... Oscar

Attending to health is but one small part of supporting a child with complex medical needs in nursery. Ruth Thomson explains.


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting ... Kodi

One children's centre delights in providing challenge for a child with Down Syndrome.


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting ... Angelina

Lisa Massingham is delighted with the progress her two-year-old daughter, who has Sturge-Weber Syndrome, has made since she started nursery, she tells Sue Learner....


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting ... Ellis

The condition of albinism is little understood by the public and sometimes portrayed negatively, but nursery workers are helping to keep one child happily included....


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting ... Lucas

How one nursery and key worker care for a child with cerebral palsy is described by Sue Learner.


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting ... May

A nursery that said 'no problem' when a mother sought a place for her brain-damaged child has made all the difference to the family, says Sue Learner - and the staff...


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Supporting... Grace

What approaches enable the inclusion and support of a child with high-level medical and physical needs in mainstream early years provision? Amanda King demonstrates...