Rules for Commenting

What are the forum rules?

We want Nursery World to be a friendly and welcoming environment. The more childcare and early years education professionals who take part in the forum and comment on the blog, the more useful and engaging it will be for everybody. Our new comments on articles facility further extends the opportunities for Nursery World's readers and users to make their own views known.

Here are a few pointers when starting.


  • Welcome new readers and posters
  • Share your thoughts and tips
  • Comment on our news stories
  • Stay on topic as far as possible
  • Click the "Report this post" links if you see something offensive
  • Tell your friends and colleagues about the Nursery World Forums and comments on articles. The more the merrier!


  • Post abusive, defamatory or obsene material or links to such sites
  • Post phone numbers or email addresses for yourself or others
  • Spam our forums. In other words, don't make posts just to advertise something or yourself
  • Rely on the accuracy of other readers' posts. If in doubt seek professional advice

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We reserve the right to check your messages and close your account if we feel you're wrecking things for other users.

What can I do about offensive messages or members?

We want the Nursery World Forums to be a friendly and welcoming environment. Every member has to agree to a few do's and don'ts and terms and conditions when they sign up.

If you are offended by a post by another member, please click the 'Report this post' link and share your concerns. Don't worry about 'telling tales' on a fellow site user as your details will be kept strictly anonymous.

Give us a brief explanation of the problem and we will take any necessary action as soon as possible.

During the week, we aim to respond to messages within a couple of hours. At weekends you may have to wait till Monday for a response.