Big Issue: Children's speech and language

What are the problems and what action is being taken to solve them?

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Synthetic phonics 'damages' children's love of reading

The education secretary’s insistence that children should be taught to read using synthetic phonics is almost ‘a form of abuse’, a leading academic claims.


Children start using words to form sentences earlier than thought

New research by Newcastle University challenges the idea that the early word combinations of two- and three-year-olds are devoid of grammar.


Phonics check branded 'a waste of money'

The largest teaching union has slammed the phonics reading check for six-year-olds as a 'waste of money', after Government research found that the majority of teachers...


School language programme boosts children's reading

An evaluation of a pilot project led by children's communication charity I CAN has found that a whole school approach to supporting children's speech can result...


Nursery Equipment: Music - Tune in

Music and language have a close connection to one another, but activities must be tailored to match young children's abilities, says Susan Young.


Nursery Equipment: Outdoors - Shout out!

The great outdoors naturally encourages exuberance and noise - but how can you harness this to help children communicate? Anne O'Connor explains.


Children's communication problems must be tackled in the early years

Children from low-income families should have more support in the early years to tackle their speech, language and communication needs says a cross-party group of...


Speech and language therapy for children rationed due to budget cuts, finds survey

Children are missing out on vital speech and language therapy and starting school without the language skills they need, according to new research by the Royal College...


Increase in under-fives diagnosed with SEN

The number of pre-school children with statements of special educational needs has risen in the past four years, according to new Government figures.



To the point - Our job to communicate

I am really pleased that 2011 has been designated 'the year of communication'.