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Developmental testing should be reintroduced for children before and after school entry to improve learning skills, says Sally Goddard Blythe.

Are schools dedicated to one religion less inclusive by definition than they should be, according to EYFS principles? Mary Evans looks at how diversity can be promoted amid their uniqueness.

Childcare is one of the priority areas for improving the lot of soldiers' families, while nurseries offer their share of support, says Judith Napier.

Is it too late to transform the way Britain thinks about and provides for early childhood education and care? Professor Peter Moss offers a vision.

Could the trends in earnings and conditions for nannies reflect prospects for the general UK economy? Asa Nilsdotter of Nannytax adds up the figures and hears the forecast.

Childcare funding, provision and quality has come in for government intervention since a major private provider went to the wall. Helen Penn takes a look at the new alternatives.

An appeal for firm commitment and promotion of progress for young children is made by Dwynwen Stepien, director of the Early Childhood Unit at the National Children's Bureau.

Rising classroom rolls are hampering some English primary schools in their efforts to deliver learning through play, as Mary Evans hears.

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