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Last summer, as a parting gift to the children in my reception class, known as Pandas, I gave each of them a CD-Rom containing a simple electronic book which we had made. It was a memorable gift that provided plenty of learning for both the children and myself.

Decorating provides an enjoyable and meaningful way for children to explore the concepts of size, shape, area and estimation. Denise Bailey gets stuck in

By Andrea Durrant, an education consultant in Hertfordshire who specialises in art Picture perfect

Reverting to less mature behaviour is often an indication that children are feeling vulnerable

Written by BEAM authors Sheila Ebbutt, Penny Latham, Fran Mosley and Carole Skinner. BEAM is dedicated to promoting the teaching and learning of mathematics as interesting, challenging and enjoyable. Down to size

Understanding how children's capacity for empathy is obstructed can shed light on why they may become bullies

By Melanie Peter, lecturer in early childhood studies at Suffolk College, and freelance consultant and author on arts education and special needs First act

Sitting comfortably? * The importance of storytelling and how to organise storytime

Children love switches and buttons and can usually pick up how to work a video recorder at home pretty quickly. In the nursery, the purpose of introducing children to a wide range of mechanical toys, tape recorders and computers is to give them the basis...

By Anne O'Connor, who is an early years specialist and has held posts including co-ordinator of an early years unit, deputy head and associate trainer for a local authority Let's pretend

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