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An innovative training scheme is making the most of school lunchtimes both for children and the assistants who supervise them. Caroline Swinburne reports

Your business need not cut back on services or staff pay if you budget wisely. Mary Evans shops around for tips

More status for employees, more confidence for employers. That's the promise of a new diploma for childcarers which finally lays the NNEB to rest. Patricia Slatcher reports

Money is not the only issue complicating life for out- of-school provision. Annette Rawstrone reports

Enjoying and exploring maths should not be a matter of worksheets, but finding it first-hand in everyday situations. Julian Grenier explains where carers can start looking

Computer clubs for children were just the beginning for one enterprising teacher, as Jenny Benjamin discovers

Parents hold the key to preventing speech delay. Anne Wiltsher reports on what childcare professionals are doing to empower them

Sometimes if you want anything done about childcare, you have to do it yourself. Judith Napier meets the entrepreneur mothers

The personal habits of some children may disgust or annoy adults, but carers can see them as a guide to a child's emotional state, says Juliet Brown

At the heart of the Foundation Stage is a recognition that children learn through play. Are reception classes making the major adjustments required? Mary Evans reports

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