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Using these historic creatures to inspire games and activities can help to build curiousity and imagination, advises Marianne Sargent.

Seeds, greens and legumes can be used to create a whole host of interesting and enjoyable learning opportunities. Marianne Sargent offers some food for thought.

Extending ways to build children's physical strength with a range of interesting resources and activities is easy - and vital, says Julie Mountain.

Many sports and games require good balls skills, but learning to catch, throw, kick and aim benefits young children in ways far beyond the playing field.

Simple equipment and activities are all it takes to develop children's ball skills.

Outer space is a fascinating topic, and technological advances mean that we can now see it in great detail. The following ideas bring the sun, moon and stars into the early years setting.

Providing opportunities for active outdoor play significantly increases children's agility and it need not be expensive, says Julie Mountain.

Picking up rhymes supported by physical actions seems to be innate in children. But how adults mediate is important for later literacy development, says Opal Dunn

Monsters offer a rich source of activity to develop children's creativity and explore fear and emotions. By Marianne Sargent

Spoons can be a stimulating resource, with a little bit of imagination, says Alice Sharp.