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Confidentiality is a matter that creeps into many aspects of childcare, says Mary Evans

Early years settings must follow common sense as well as the law on safety matters, says Mary Evans

The 'welcome session' at the Rainbow Centre is an opportunity to develop the communication skills of our special needs children, who are split into two groups in the morning depending on their needs. During the session staff member Sandra asks each of...

Quality assurance is a buzzword that needs examining, says Alison Mercer

When you look at magazines and adverts it seems that our society is obsessed with swift solutions, offering promises like Five-point plan to create a new you in under a week. Life does not work like this, for adults or for children. Good ideas and strategies take some time to work, although not always extraordinary lengths of time, and dealing positively with childrens behaviour requires energy, commitment and a lot of patience.

Working parents may feel they are excluded from the life of their child's school, says Gayle Goshorn

You've built your nursery up over several years; invested your money, time and hard work in it. Now with the boom in childcare provision, you think it is time to sell up and reap the rewards of your labour. So, what is your nursery worth? 500,000? 750,000? Unfortunately, it may be worth less than you had hoped.

Young children are by nature self-centred, and childcarers must understand this if they are to help them develop maturity, writes Dr Richard Woolfson

Sessions for carers and parents to drop in with children work wonders, as Julian Grenier finds

Childcare centres in deprived areas could be the remedy for social exclusion, says the Daycare Trust

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