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Light drinking during pregnancy does not harm child behavioural or cognitive development, according to new research by University College London.

When a child doesn't play with other children there are a number of factors to consider before deciding on a strategy, says Sue Chambers.

The tantrums, biting and defiant behaviour often associated with this age group can be managed when you understand the reasons behind it, says Penny Tassoni.

Until small children can feel empathy, getting them to say 'sorry' to others is unrealistic, says Sue Chambers.

What do you do when a parent blames nursery staff for a child's difficult behaviour? Sue Chambers advises.

Sue Chambers suggests ways of getting to the root of a child's messy eating and delayed language.

Some children who are diagnosed with autism when they are young lose the symptoms and the diagnosis as they grow older, according to a new study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health in America.

How do you deal with a child who often emits a high pitched scream? Penny Tassoni looks at possible causes and strategies that can help.

A Canadian programme shown to reduce aggression and encourage empathy in children by bringing a very young baby into the classroom was officially launched in England by the Pre-School Learning Alliance last week (23 November)

Whole-group sessions can be a struggle for reception class children, says Penny Tassoni.