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What's the difference between a superhero and a fairy godmother? It depends on who you ask. Michael Jones explores how adult attitudes can encourage or stifle children's imaginative play.

It is astonishing that the unrealistic writing targets in the EYFS haven't been amended, says Sue Palmer

The new safeguarding and welfare requirements under the revised EYFS have been broadly welcomed by the sector, particularly with their aim to reduce bureaucracy in risk assessments.

A Critical Commentary on Reforming the Early Years Foundation Stage (the EYFS): Government Response to Consultation (publ. 20 Dec 2011)

See how an array of simple resources can combine with curiosity to help children explore the properties of light, with nursery activities used by Angela Chick.

The early years sector has only until 19 January to respond to the Department for Education's second consultation on proposed changes to some of the learning and development requirements in the EYFS.

A London council is asking the Government to consider whether the limit on infant class sizes should be raised above 30 pupils.