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Any way you mix it, paint can be turned into an exciting material with everyday additions, says Kevin Kelman

There's no need to stick to basic playdough with these ideas for more creative materials from Kevin Kelman

A dozen games and activities using empty boxes are packed up by Kevin Kelman for fun early learning

Paper plates are cheap and readily available, providing opportunities to develop a range of physical and creative skills. Denise Bailey suggests uses for a versatile resource

Decorating provides an enjoyable and meaningful way for children to explore the concepts of size, shape, area and estimation. Denise Bailey gets stuck in

Turn the fascination children have with bubble wrap into fun learning with these activity ideas from Jean Evans

Who would have thought that the common laundry tablet bag would prove so versatile? Jean Evans provides plenty of activity ideas

As soon as babies are born they explore the world around them using all of their senses. Children are often surrounded by plastic and other man-made materials; by introducing natural materials you can encourage their interest in the natural world and awareness of their surroundings and the outside world.