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Her daughter struggling to make friends at school was a major worry for Working Mum, until her teacher found some solutions

The transition to school nursery is bitter sweet for Working Mum

The nursery claims that the use of its television is education, but Working Mum suspects the setting has come to depend on it

After witnessing uncleanliness in a nursery toilet, Working Mum wonders why staff can’t keep a closer eye on this area

Finding a suitable childminder for her young daughters has not always been an easy process, explains Working Mum

There are pros and cons to a school nursery, but having both daughters in the same place just swung it for Working Mum

What’s the point in practitioners and parents producing a child’s ‘creative’ project on their behalf, wonders Working Mum

Learning journeys are more a keepsake for families than a tool to plan children’s learning and development, says Working Mum

Pyjamas on the school, or nursery, run should be a big no-no and may indicate that all is not well at home, says Working Mum

Why can the nursery get her daughters to have a nap during the day when they refuse to do so at home, asks Working Mum

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