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I CAN's speech and language expert Jon Gilmartin shares his tips for early years practitioners

While the new Early Learning Goals have been met with criticism from many in the early years sector, Mark Lehain explains why he thinks they are an improvement and a step in the right direction

Head teacher Kathryn Harper Quinn, a lead school ambassador for the Youth Sport Trust, explains how to get children hooked on movement for life.

The DfE should prioritise getting T-Levels right rather than rushing them out to meet a tight timeframe, argues Natalie Perera

The Government is ignoring the plight of the populace, which urgently needs a strategy to help it, says Michael Pettavel

Sarah Fillingham shares her nursery group's approach to mental health and well-being

Schools need to put someone in charge of overseeing playtime to ensure children are making the most of it, says Michael Follett

Are more four-year-olds really starting Reception without being toilet trained, asks Alison Featherbe, and where does the fault lie?

In the late Eighties, Sheffield Children’s Centre took the Thatcher Government to court over Section 28, which banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools. Chrissy Meleady, who led the fight, tells the story 30 years on

Introducing healthy well-being habits early on could be game-changing, says Jennie Johnson