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Last week marked the beginning of party conference season. All the parties know that they have to speak to and for women to stand a chance of winning in 2015. This means that childcare will increasingly feature as we head towards the election.

Stay-at-home mums feel they are getting a hard time from this Government.

Grandparents have to make difficult choices about providing childcare, says Vidhya Alakeson

The spending review looks set to prolong the pain for working families with children, says Vidhya Alakeson

Trying to have a childcare system like the French does not come for free, says Vidhya Alakeson

In last month's Budget, the Government unveiled its long-awaited childcare reforms.

Something about the current downturn has been puzzling economists: employment has remained higher than expected and unemployment less severe.

The question Treasury civil servants ask most often about spending more on childcare is whether or not it will result in more people working.

It's hard to remember a time in the past decade when childcare has been bigger political news, says Vidhya Alakeson.

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