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Digital storybooks add a fascinating new element to using narratives. Marianne Sargent provides a step-by-step guide to creating them.

A visitor showed children the way to get more involved in a local community event, and their response revealed much to nursery staff about their thinking, says teacher Tessa Fenoughty.

Visits are invaluable to young children's learning. Heading out on a trip can provide meaningful contexts for learning, broaden children's experience and feed their insatiable desire to explore.

Nursery children heeded the SOS message about rubbish and recycling. Ruth Thomson reports.

Practitioners played merely a supporting role in a project on castles that was totally child-initiated. Lianne Grace tells Melanie Defries tells all about it.

The project approach to science learning is explained by Teresa Vasconcelos, Nuno Melo, Maria Olivia Mendes and Catarina Cardoso.

In our National Strategies series Dr Andrew Lockett, Early Years Regional Adviser (NE), Anne Lamb, Early Years Senior Regional Adviser (EE M) and Jan Lepley, Senior Adviser, reflect on the importance of being outside.

Staff observe and record children's individual discoveries with magnetic attraction, as Jean Evans hears.

A rural nursery shows everyone where wool comes from on the open day when its own sheep are sheared. Annette Rawstrone has a look.

In our National Strategies features on the Early Years Foundation Stage, senior regional adviser Lorna Dick and regional adviser Jo Paterson reflect on how children make sense of the world.