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The extension of the free entitlement to around 40 per cent of all two-year-olds from 2014 will need a significant increase in the number of places so that approximately 260,000 children will be able to benefit. James Hempsall urges childcare providers across all sectors to look at the opportunities this will bring

It has been estimated that 65 per cent of the two-year-olds accessing their free entitlement in the future will represent new business.

Local authorities will be funding 130,000 places for the 20 per cent least advantaged two-year-olds in 2013-2014, rising to 260,000 the year after. If providers across the private, voluntary, independent, schools and childminding sectors are to achieve these new targets, we may need to think beyond existing models of delivery, says James Hempsall.

Providing new places for two-year-olds does not always have to involve huge or even any capital investment.

A nursery in Poole has helped all its two-year-olds to settle happily in by working with parents and emphasising key messages to do with their children's learning and well-being. One of these is that young children need their parents' time more than anything else, says James Hempsall.

Working closely with parents to support home learning is every bit as important for two-year-olds as it is for older children. Here James Hempsall outlines how one pre-school has developed a structured approach to gaining parents' trust and support.

James Hempsall outlines how one nursery has seized the opportunity to develop its key worker system in order to deliver an outstanding offer to its large number of twos.

Partnership working with a nursery school and children's centre has enabled a private provider to meet the challenges of increasing places for two-year-olds. James Hempsall describes the benefits of its 'whole team' approach.

James Hempsall describes how carefully targeted training for childminders to focus specifically on the needs of two-year-olds has significantly boosted the availability of highquality provision for this age group in two London boroughs.

In line with the Tickell review recommendations, provision for two-year-olds will need to place strong emphasis on involving parents in their children's development. James Hempsall outlines the practical steps one nursery is taking to achieve this.

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