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It's been a year of upheaval for the biggest players, with plenty of activity elsewhere and some new entrants in this year’s table of the 25 largest nursery chains in the UK. Catherine Gaunt examines the numbers

For your guide to the who, what and where of nursery chains, our directory gives you all the information you need

Who's who and where

In the first of a series looking at how the Government’s 30 hours offer of free childcare is being piloted, Charlotte Goddard explores a scheme that has places reserved for unemployed parents. Plus, James Hempsall comments

Children’s centres provide childminders and parents with a crucial place to meet and access services, but many are closing. New mum Gabriella Jozwiak finds out what is replacing them

After witnessing uncleanliness in a nursery toilet, Working Mum wonders why staff can’t keep a closer eye on this area

In the third part of this series marking Early Education and Nursery World’s tenth decades, Dr Peter Elfer explains why the job of raising the status of, and investment in, caring for the under-twos is not over

The unique contribution of maintained nursery schools must be recognised, cherished and championed, say Chris Pascal, Sally Jaeckle and Sandra Mathers

In these budget-straitened times, finding quality training for free and sharing it among colleagues are skills worth developing. But how do you cascade training effectively? Nicole Weinstein finds out

To mark Nursery World and Early Education’s tenth decades, Beatrice Merrick looks at campaigning on nursery issues then and now