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Investigate how materials can change and whether they can be restored, with activities from Pat Brunton and Linda Thornton

Independence can mean self-care, seeking out learning and taking risks, says early years consultant Wendy Scott Western cultures value individuality highly, and our system of education and care can do much to promote personal independence. The recent...

Encourage children to sort materials by their properties, their forms and their uses, as Pat Brunton and Linda Thornton demonstrate

Teaching young learners about the global dimension helps them to adapt to a changing world, says Chrissie Dell of the Education Development, Centre for Global Education, York

Investigate where light comes from and where it goes with activities looking at its effects on objects, in our science series by Pat Brunton and Linda Thornton

With teaching reading through phonics finding favour in official policy, early years practitioners can adapt what they are already doing, says Helen Bromley, early years consultant and author

Although not a childcare expert, the French philosopher Rousseau has had a far-reaching influence on our ideas about childhood, says Professor J Eric Wilkinson

Help children to investigate the life cycles of plants and what we use them for with activities by Linda Thornton and Pat Brunton

Rigorous infection control policies and procedures can help avoid infections or halt their spread, writes Mary Evans Bad news spreads fast and nothing spreads faster in the childcare sector than the news that an infection has caused serious illness in children at a nursery. This was evident during the recent outbreaks of the deadly E.coli 0157 bug.

How sounds are sent and received by our ears, and some simple activities to investigate it, are explained by Pat Brunton and Linda Thornton

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