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Parents will want their child's carer to know how to manage eczema. WellChild Helpline offers advice.

If babies had words for their feelings, what would they say? Lisa Murray took their viewpoint to create a resource for parents.

In providing resources for playful learning we need to remember the process in which they will be used, not just the outcome at the end, says Anne O'Connor.

As children aged one to two discover how to use words, give an added dimension to the process with fun songs, as Alice Sharp suggests.

Children are at risk from the growing culture of drinking in the UK. Professor Moira Plant looks at the range of possible effects.

Try treasure baskets and discovery boxes for babies to become engrossed in self-directed play, in the second part of a series from Claire Stevenson, Donna Luck and Veronica Lawrence.

Children speaking different languages, or very little at all, learn to communicate happily at a nursery visited by Annette Rawstrone.

National Strategies series: Part 3 - From the child

What is needed for young children to express their creative ideas through art? Linda Keats explains.

A well-resourced environment and sensitive adult support ensure care routines at Giant Steps Horden Limited meet the needs of individual babies. Rachel Priestman and Sam Neil explained how to Jean Evans.