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Caught up with the excitement of Christmas, we needed to ensure our children stay happy and calm, say Hayley Cannell and Nicky Bushell of Oakey Dokeys Pre-School, in Essex

By the Child Action Development Trust (CAPT, 12, order through

During your inspection it is important to show that children are confident about communicating with staff. Laura Henry suggests undertaking an audit to gauge the quality of interactions.

Effective supervision is essential under the EYFS and there is plenty of theory to guide practitioners. But how easy is to put theory into practice? In a new online series, Julie Coakley, manager at LEYF's Colville Nursery in west London, provides a personal account of her own learning journey.

The best early years provision overall is found in group settings, Ofsted's annual report on early years has found.

Action research is a form of 'self-reflective enquiry' that can help settings work through points of concern to find workable solutions. Julie McLarnon shows how it works in practice.

It has been estimated that 65 per cent of the two-year-olds accessing their free entitlement in the future will represent new business.

How sticking to a goal of graduate leadership is helping one nursery group in Yorkshire to grow and prosper.

Links with our community promote a true sense of belonging, say Hayley Cannell and Nicky Bushell of Oakey Dokeys Pre-school.

Let me introduce myself. I'm nasty and aggressive; a bit of an oddball, in fact. I'm cold, clinical, and uncommunicative.