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A Bedford-based nursery's strategy for developing children's communication skills has won it a major award.

Involving children in collecting and presenting data for graphs, charts or pictograms helps them to understand the information.

A shortage of sand and water for play can cause squabbles. Anne O'Connor advises on creative ways of providing this popular resource.

If an early years practitioner gains a higher level qualification, will she be effective in supporting more children?

In our new series on caring for two-year-olds, Penny Tassoni offers advice on helping children adjust to being separated from their parents.

The benefits of 'superhero play' are now understood by early years settings, but can cause concern at home. Here's our advice on how to reassure parents, plus a parent's guide to resources and activities.

Don't be surprised if one day, your four-year-old wants to don a cape and rush off to catch some baddies. And don't be alarmed either.

No official records are kept on the number of deaths, serious injuries and accidents that occur while children are in nursery or other childcare settings, a Nursery World investigation reveals.

Children from a small primary school and orphanage known as Makumbi in Zimbabwe are soon to benefit from having access to clean water thanks to the efforts of Barlborough Hall School in Derbyshire, which is twinned with the African setting.

Practitioners working with babies feel isolated, neglected and less valued than other staff in the nursery, a three-year long study into baby rooms has concluded, highlighting a need for targeted training.