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Put the emphasis on inquiry-based learning, says Kath Murdoch

There's no point in measuring children too often or too soon, says Professor Cathy Nutbrown

It is interesting to see that the arrival of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile results has been greeted with rather more enthusiasm of late, now that the Baseline has begun for children at the start of Reception.

Outdoor nurseries past and present enshrine important principles of good practice,says Editor Liz Roberts

Children need to be allowed to 'stand and stare', says Cathy Nutbrown

We live in a risk-averse society, but without risk-taking children will not reach their potential, argues Michelle Wisbey

'Welcoming acceptance' of each other is vital to let children know that they will be listened to and supported, says Jane Lane

Dr Peter Elfer says that developing the deep level knowledge and self-assurance to manage the complexity of contemporary early years practice requires study, not just 'love'.

Professor Cathy Nutbrown considers nurturing the workforce of the future

How can 86 per cent of children achieve an ‘expected’ level for PD in the EYFS Profile when 90 per cent have woeful levels of physical activity, asks Dr Lala Manners, director, Active Matters