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Assess how children are beginning to understand the order of numbers with ideas from Sheila Ebbutt and Carole Skinner

Why children need to chatter is explored by Di Chilvers, senior lecturer in Early Childhood Studies When was the last time that you had an extended, informal and relaxed conversation with the young children around you? A conversation where you let the child decide on the subject and you followed their lead, listening intently, nodding, making positive eye contact and holding back your questions? I hope it was recently and that it is a regular part of your everyday chatter with children.

Help children begin to understand how electricity works, in the final part of our series on Foundation Stage science by Linda Thornton and Pat Brunton

A strategy for consulting frankly with staff on improving a setting is outlined by Shona Carmichael How happy are your staff? What do they really feel about their jobs, the quality of provision, the management team? These are questions that, as a manager, you should be able to answer. But establishing a fair and accurate overview of staff views can be difficult.

Help children investigate their own signs of life, with activities from Pat Brunton and Linda Thornton

Exploring The Link Between Music And Maths Will Promote Children's Appreciation Of Both, Says Early Years Consultant Linda Pound Because so many of us had an unhappy time in maths lessons at school, we have come to expect that everything to do with mathematics will be both boring and difficult.