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Is clothing for outdoors the responsibility of parents or the nursery? Practitioners talk to Annette Rawstrone.

Families can find ways to resolve problems in their relationships with the help of a professional play therapist, as Cath Hunter explains.

Just as some parents start to get over the shock of adapting to life with a baby, along comes teething to upset the apple cart.

Should young children be allowed to sleep at nursery, or is it likely to keep them awake at night? Annette Rawstrone spoke to childcare practitioners.

The present is linked to the past in a museum exhibition about children and the effects that separation has on them, described by Roger Bullock.

A thoughtful strategy will help practitioners keep incidents of biting under control, writes Jennie Lindon.

Learning about religions can be brought to life by a staff member, says Safffia Farr.

It's a family gathering and everyone is eating, except one child, who is refusing to eat. So, why are some children such fussy eaters, and what can parents do?

Practitioners themselves, even their most 'spontaneous' words and actions, have a huge impact on how children learn, says Jennie Lindon.

Spare a thought for fathers, who can also experience post-natal depression that may affect family relationships, says Katy Morton.