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Socialising and developing friendships in the early years takes time and requires sensitivity on the part of the adults concerned. Practitioners are well placed to give parents some advice on promoting it.

It's a common occurrence, so why does a child's biting cause so much upset? Annette Rawstrone spoke to practitioners at a private day nursery. Illustration by Clare Nichols.

Young children may tell untruths because they want them to be true, and adults can help by modelling desirable behaviour, says Annette Rawstrone.

Practitioners should be alert to children in their care who may lack the sense of secure attachment they need for emotional development, and offer their families whatever support they can, says Anne O'Connor.

New research into the effects on children of consuming food additives has left many parents wondering what is safe to feed them. Nathalie Golden of the Food Standards Agency offers information and advice.

Who should decide how messy a child is allowed to be when they're at nursery? Annette Rawstrone spoke to a group of senior nursery practitioners.

Teenagers are finding help to become better parents and jobseekers in a special service. Annette Rawstrone reports.

A child's ability to grow emotionally, make relationships with others and learn effectively can depend on the sense of safety and confidence they derive from having a secure attachment in infancy, says Anne O'Connor

Should you give your child a dummy? It's a seemingly simple question but a difficult one to answer. Only you can decide whether your child should have one, but it is worth weighing up the pros and cons.

What do childminders think about the issue of physical contact with children? A group shared their experiences with Annette Rawstrone.