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New mothers worried about the unexpected way they feel after the birth of a baby can be reassured by advice from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Although nurseries are caring places by nature, staff can behave towards each other in ways less than kind. Annette Rawstrone spoke to a group of owners and managers.

Why children feel fear, and how they experience it at different ages, is explored by Maria Robinson.

Implementing a 'key caring' approach may seem daunting, but practitioners need to understand its benefits for everyone, explains Anne O'Connor.

Children go through recognisable developmental stages in their ability to make friends, which nursery life can foster, writes Philip Erwin

A group of private nursery practitioners tell Annette Rawstrone about how they deal with parents who use physical punishment on their young children.

How early years work arrived at the concept and practice of the key person approach is explained in the first part of a new series by Anne O'Connor.

Reassure new mothers on the recommended way of feeding their baby with advice from Annette Rawstrone.

Childcarers admit they feel torn between children's conflicting needs to remain safe and to take risks in pursuit of independence, as Annette Rawstrone heard from a group of private nursery practitioners.

Children's behaviour problems put some families' homes in jeopardy, but a new form of intervention is turning them around, says Annette Rawstrone.