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Nurseries concerned about risk will be interested in new proposals over health and safety, say Tabitha Cave and Natalie Andrews.

The play needs of children in darkened winter months have been ignored in the debate about whether or not clocks should be put back. At the end of October each year, children face a situation that worsens in the following weeks when they are unable to go out for the healthy outdoor play they need because of the early darkness.

It would seem to be quite a risk for the Coalition Government to ask Frank 'think the unthinkable' Field to carry out a review of poverty and life chances. Here is a character who was a regular irritant to his own party when they were in power - will he continue in this vein with the new administration?

John Chowcat, general secretary of Aspect, the union for educational improvement and children's services professionals

Lots of changes are afoot in early years policy, yet uncertainty remains about the long-term results.

I found myself pleasantly surprised to read that Children and Families minister Tim Loughton had recently challenged public sector workers to avoid 'passive discrimination' against fathers.

What should nurseries and practitioners be doing to protect children from paedophiles? We look at the issues surrounding the Vanessa George abuse case. ... Policy and Politics, Practice, Management, Working with parents, Provision

How are we going to support young women with children back into the children's workforce?

The Comprehensive Spending Review is on the table and local authorities are considering what services they will have to cut.

Nurseries face many issues as a result of the Comprehensive Spending Review, as outlined by Claire Schofield of the NDNA.

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