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More details of the funding for early education places for disadvantaged two-year-olds are set out today.

A group of MPs has raised 'significant concerns' about the potential impact on the most vulnerable people of changes to the benefits system to be introduced in the Universal Credit.

Early years practitioners need to take a principled stand against political power that is not in the best interests of children, argue Marie Charlton and Richard House of Early Childhood Action

Men's aspirations to be involved in family life are on the up. There is a new wave of dads emerging who want to wheel buggies, change nappies and join mum and child on the first walk to nursery. They are ready to reap the pleasures, and pains, of hands-on parenthood.

Changes to the amount of floor space that early years settings must provide are being considered by the Government's Childcare Commission.

The Status has proved its worth on many fronts and now it is time for the Government to decide how it can be built on, says Dr Eunice Lumsden

Nick Woodall of the Centre for Separated Families explains how proposed legislation could transform the way society views lone parenting, placing a new emphasis on shared parenting after divorce or separation

New NHS proposals to create more family-friendly maternity units are a step in the right direction, according to children and families charity 4Children.

British families need to earn over 30,000 a year to pay basic living expenses, according to a new report.

The Department for Work and Pensions has launched a consultation to consider ways in which to widen the measure of child poverty.