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The feelings of children about their early years learning experiences have been captured in new research by Jacqui Cousins.

A display helped children at Yarm School nursery to explore the meaning of love, as Victoria Harrison explains.

A Devon sustainability project has inspired children at Newton Poppleford Primary School to become stewards of their environment

Help children cope with an unsettling experience in their lives with suggestions from Jean Evans.

The right mix of quality play resources, combined with sensitive adult support, will open up opportunities for children to explore feelings.

Nurseries should echo society's diversity and combat biased attitudes. Mary Evans explains how.

Children progress by facing challenges, and good practitioners have a sense of when to step in and when to hold back. Jennie Lindon advises.

Enclosed spaces can foster friendship and heighten young children's concentration and involvement in their play, says Annette Rawstrone.

Creative play and learning come more naturally when the resources are 'open-ended', lending themselves to a variety of uses and constantly holding attention, says Mary Evans.

... Or in the pink? Colour-coding and crass gender signalling persist even in these times of presumed equality. Anne O'Connor helps practitioners to negotiate the minefield of bias.