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Play-Doh is offering free workshops to foster children's creative play linked to the EYFS.

The Government is consulting on plans to modernise sex education, which include mandatory relationships education for four-year-olds.

A programme that teaches five- to seven-year-olds coping skills to deal with the difficulties in life has reached one million children.

The extent to which violent and abusive experiences in childhood affect harmful behaviour as an adult is highlighted in a new study.

A call to put early childhood development (ECD) at the heart of the United Nations' next global development goals has received cross-party support.

The results for 2012/13 show that overall 52 per cent of children achieved a 'good level of development' at the end of reception.

New research shows that at just one-day old, babies can differentiate between social interactions such as playing 'peekaboo' and non-social movement such as an arm manipulating an object.

A new study has found that children with erratic bedtimes are more likely to be hyperactive and experience emotional difficulties.

Children are arriving at school still in nappies, some do not respond to their own names and cannot speak, reveals a think tank report.

Scotland is to become the first country in the world to deliver the Roots of Empathy programme in every area.