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A teaching programme designed to encourage empathy in three- to- five-year-olds will be launched in Lewisham, in London in September.

The Save Childhood Movement is to officially launch this weekend with a two-day summit exploring the need to protect children from influences that might compromise their health and well-being.

A sharp decline in outdoor learning as children move from the Foundation Stage to Year One may reduce opportunities for them to develop their creativity and social skills, finds a new study.

A group of childhood campaigners are calling for an immediate end to all adverts aimed at young children so they can grow up free from the pressures of consumerism.

Founder of the Roots of Empathy programme which was officially launched in England last month.

A Canadian programme shown to reduce aggression and encourage empathy in children by bringing a very young baby into the classroom was officially launched in England by the Pre-School Learning Alliance last week (23 November)

Karen Walker, head of children's services at the London Early Years Foundation, spoke to Nursery World about how the group's nurseries are preparing for the new framework.

Thinking up imaginative ways to use their indoor space to develop children's physical development and renewed thinking about child-initiated learning are just some of the ways nurseries have been preparing for the new EYFS.

Children with disruptive behaviour problems and their parents can benefit from peer-led parenting classes, claims a new study.

New research claims to provide the first clues to how areas in a child's brain may adapt to early experiences of abuse in the home, and influence emotional functioning in the long term.