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The rewards of close encounters with nature for all children are extolled by Annie Davy of Learning Through Landscapes

Girls consistently achieve better than the boys, but research suggests that the way to male attainment is to send them outdoors, says Sarah Ghahremani.

One school is reaping the benefits of bringing the children's outdoor learning back into the classroom. Mary Evans hears what it's about.

Outdoor provision for the early years is set to grow and flourish thanks to funding distributed through local authorities. Annie Davy reports.

Are you a mud-lover, a mug-hugger or somewhere in between? Annie Davy explains why being an early years practitioner today is an outdoor job.

In any kind of setting you can provide a way for children to get close to nature while doing their part in its care. Mary Whiting shows how.

Stimulate the senses, stretch children's skills and extend provision for special needs by developing a sensory garden, as one nursery shows Viv Hampshire how they did it.

A small outdoor area provides huge opportunities for play and learning at one pre-school that can draw on Forest School leadership. Michelle Shaw and Ruth Thompson describe how they created it.

The best way to get children to think about our disappearing wildlife is to have them take an active part in its resurrection - and it's really simple to do, says Mary Whiting.

A fresh source for learning is discovered every week by one early years class, as Ruth Thomson finds out.