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Small-world play offers children the chance to explore real and imagined worlds in miniature. Early years settings put a range of small-world play equipment to the test and report back to Nicole Weinstein.

In practice, treasure baskets are a tried and tested resource that provide endless fascination for the babies who explore them, but their originator was strict about how they should be made and used. Here Nicole Weinstein asks early years settings to try out different versions.

Art and craft activities give children the opportunity to explore their creativity through sensory experiences. Early years practitioners try out the latest resources and give Nicole Weinstein their feedback.

Early years settings put resources designed to encourage scientific research and exploration to the test with young children and tell Sue Hubberstey about their conclusions.

Puppets come in all shapes and sizes and are indispensable in most settings. Early years professionals put their hands up and give their verdicts on the following selection to Sue Hubberstey.

Toys for the baby and toddler rooms are tried out by early years professionals who give their verdicts to Sue Hubberstey.

Early years practitioners assess the usefulness of educational software in their settings and report back to Sue Hubberstey.