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New research claims to provide the first clues to how areas in a child's brain may adapt to early experiences of abuse in the home, and influence emotional functioning in the long term.

The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education has launched a new campaign to help practitioners and parents instil a love of reading and books in children before they start school.

Children as young as 13 months old can differentiate between credible and un-credible sources and choose not to learn from someone they believe is unreliable, suggests a new study.

Children born a few weeks early have an increased risk of developing behavioural or emotional problems as toddlers, according to new research.

Almost four million children in the UK do not own a book, according to a new report.

Nurseries, childminding groups and pre-schools are invited to register and get involved in I CAN's Chatterbox Challenge, running early next year.

Parents are reading to their children more, a new poll suggests.

'Educational' TV programmes and DVDs that claim to aid children's social development and language skills have little benefit for children under two, claim experts.

More than 70 per cent of five-year-olds who have received play therapy show a positive change, according to findings from a new study.

Children whose parents 'hover' over them while playing are less likely to engage in higher levels of physical activity such as running, according to a new study.